A Choice Large Bronze of Julian The Philosopher, AD 355-363

Julian was the last emperor who attempted to restore the old pagan gods of Rome after the emperor Constantine had adopted Christianity as the state religion. Reviled by later Christian writers he is often referred to as Julian the Apostate.  The current coin is the largest and finest of Julian's issues and the bull on the reverse most probably depicts the Apis Bull, a lost Egyptian religious image which was rediscovered during Julian's reign.

Obverse: Finely engraved bust of Julian wearing the royal diadem and robes, fastened by a large brooch at the shoulder; Latin legend DN FL CL IVLIANVS PF AVG, abbreviated form of Dominus Noster Flavius Claudius Julianus Pius Felix Augustus = 'Our Lord Flavius Claudius Julianus Dutiful and Wise Augustus'. Reverse: The Apis Bull standing right, two stars above; Latin legend SECVRITAS REIPVB = 'The Security of the Republic', CONSPB (mint of Constantinople) below. Mean Diameter: 29 mm. (1.14"). Weight: 8.61 gm. (0.269 Troy oz.). Metal composition: Bronze. References: David Van Meter, Handbook of Roman Imperial Coins, #25, Laurion Press, 1991. Price US$650. Status: Available. Order #C046.

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