A Drachm of Roman Egypt With The Pharos Lighthouse, AD 138-161

The great lighthouse called the Pharos guarded the harbor at Alexandria and was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world enumerated by the ancient historians.  One of the tallest buildings of that time it towered over the harbor and its light could be seen miles out to sea.  The current coin carries a depiction of the Pharos.  One can clearly see its several tiers and the great statues of the Tritons which adorned it.  Just in the last year many of the great statues which surrounded it have been pulled from the sea where it fell, destroyed by an earthquake in Islamic times.

Though the current coin is worn it is better than average for this scarce issue and is a rare contemporaneous depiction of one of the great architectural wonders of the ancient world. Obverse: Head of the Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius, AD 138-161. Reverse: The Goddess Isis on the left holds a billowing sail and faces the Pharos lighthouse on the right. Mean Diameter: 33 mm. (1.30"). Weight: 24.16 gm. (0.755 Troy oz.). Metal composition: Bronze. References: British Museum Catalog #1120v. Grade: Fine. Price US$250. Status: Sold. Order #C055.

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