Expert Advice and Opinions

We are always happy to provide free expert advice and opinions on any antiquities, ancient coins, world art objects or related items you may have or be interested in. There is no obligation or charge for this service. We enjoy the opportunity to communicate with others interested in such objects. We can provide general opinions on culture of origin, time period, authenticity, and value free of charge based on images provided. Opinions provided will be based only on information and images provided and as such cannot be 100% certain.

To request a free consultation just send us an email with brief description(s) including dimensions and provenance and a few good photos (attach or drag and drop images - we do not follow links) and we'll be happy to address your questions. Please get approval before emailing large numbers of images.

Direct inquiries to:, Edgar L. Owen, Ltd., PO Box 714, Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849, USA. Tel: 973-398-9557.