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....... Welcome to our huge online gallery. We have listed nearly 10,500 pieces here, one of the largest inventories in the field, with a wonderful selection of choice world art and historical treasures from all the great cultures of mankind. We select the pieces we offer on the basis of artistic quality, historical interest and rarity, and we include fine pieces in all price ranges. The authenticity of all pieces is fully guaranteed. We also guarantee absolute discretion and confidentiality. Certificates of Authenticity with printed color images are available. Please feel free to contact us if you wish additional information on any item. Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy browsing our site.

....... Our customers include The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, The Smithsonian, The Israel Museum, The Romisch-Germanisches Central Museum, The Macquarie University Museum of Ancient Culture, The Nickle Arts Museum, The Plattsburg State Art Museum, The Finnish Museum of Natural History, The Museum of Writing at the University of London, The Taiwan National Museum of Natural Science, The Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University, The Living Torah Museum, The Pense Archaeological Museum, The American Numismatic Society, The Kinsey Institute, The Levante Collection, other museums and public collections, and private collectors and dealers worldwide. Pieces purchased from us reside in The Walters Art Gallery collections and in the Museum of Writing. Additional pieces are pledged to the British Museum collections. Pieces purchased from us were exhibited at the Harvard Divinity School Library, Spring 2002. The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, in a groundbreaking study, used a Roman iron tool obtained from us to radiocarbon date iron from the trace carbon present from the wood used in its production. Cf. 'Radiocarbon', Summer 2001. Additional pieces acquired from us are featured in the books "Flowers of Ecstasy" and "The Indus Culture and Soma" as well as various scholarly articles on ethnobotany, all by Dr. David Spess of the University of New Mexico. A number of items from our site are published in the book "The Power of Gold", by Peter L. Bernstein and the book 'The History of Geometry' by Prof. G. Aumann. More pieces from our site published in "Symmetry in Chancay Textiles", a monograph by Prof. Tony Phillips, State University of New York at Stony Brook, and Anderson, W. 2004: 'An archaeology of late antique pilgrim flasks', Anatolian Studies 54, 79-93. Our lot B3135 published in the film 'The Origins Of Man' produced by the Museum of The African Diaspora. Fossils from our site appear in the National Geographic special "Colliding Continents". Our lot B2114 published in 'Mibil - A Latin Reference to Punic curiae?' by Dr. R.M. Kerr in the journal 'Die Welt Des Orients', Band XXXVI.2006. Our lots 7686 and 7935 published in 'The Divine Name In The New Testament', p. 257, by Didier Fontaine, Univ. Jean Monnet. Lot 2231 published by The Capelinhos Museum, Azores. Coins from our site appear in 'Smith & Helwys Bible Commentary' by prof. Wesley Crook. Our 5213 published in 'Essentials of Oceanography', Garrison, Brooks/Cole. 2008. Our 4986 published in 'Roman Egypt: Change amid Continuity in the Art and Architecture of an Eastern Imperial Province', PhD dissertation by Christopher Williams, Univ. MO. Coptic textile images from our site are used in a History course at College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita, CA. Depaul University lists our site as an online archaeological reference.

...... You may order from our gallery with PAYPAL, VISA/MC/AMEX/DISCOVER or by check, money order or bank transfer. Direct orders, bids and correspondence to: EdgarOwen@att.net or to Edgar L. Owen, Ltd., PO Box 714, Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849, USA. Tel/Fax: 973-398-9557.

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...... *Major Antiquities Galleries and Auction Houses often pay up to $50,000/month rent. Physical galleries must also pay staff salaries to wait on customers. In addition auction houses and many galleries regularly issue expensive printed catalogs. All of these very considerable costs must be passed on to their customers. In contrast our overhead is extremely low. We maintain no physical gallery and issue no printed catalogs. And we maintain only a minimal part time staff. Thus we are able to offer the same fine quality to our customers at much lower prices! Our goal is to provide the highest quality items at the lowest possible prices.

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